Smart Grid Protection Challenges

In recent days we hear about smart grids a lot. So as an electrical engineer we need to be prepared to adopt new technologies. But it is also true that with new technologies come new challenges. Here we we are going to discuss about such challenges. We will look into

IDMT Relay Tripping Time Calculator

Inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) relay is a form of overcurrent relay that operates in inverse time fashion with the current in the protection system. Basically, with the change in the peak value of the current, the time required for the relay to perform is decreased. The measurement of operating

New Year Resolution

My New Year Resolution 2020

After a dramatic year, we have just welcomed another new and promising year, 2020. It doesn’t necessarily promise anything yet, but as an optimistic and rational human being, I like to tag anything optimistic at the first view. Today I want to write down my upcoming plant of action to

IED Fault Resolution at Mongla Port

After the delivery of the AIS panel to Mongla port in July 2017, they didn’t face any nuisance trip or whatsoever. But recently they are facing some issues with their outgoing panels. Moreover, they also reported one IED is Goose messaging led was blinking. So, I had to visit Mongla

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