IED Fault Resolution at Mongla Port

After the delivery of the AIS panel to Mongla port in July 2017, they didn’t face any nuisance trip or whatsoever. But recently they are facing some issues with their outgoing panels. Moreover, they also reported one IED is Goose messaging led was blinking. So, I had to visit Mongla on 7th August for this resolution task.

I started my journey on the morning of 7th August by domestic flight from Dhaka to Jessore. Then Jessore to Khulna by the airport service bus. It was a nice sunny morning when I landed in Jessore. The Jessore airport is not much spacious and our exit was not through the airport building. Anyway, the flight was short and sweet. But the road journey was not comfortable at all. All because of the road condition which was also going through a major overhaul. I tried to concentrate on the task that I was assigned. After reaching Khulna I called the rent a car driver whom I talked to last evening. I know in Khulna all vehicles run by gasoline, not by CNG. The driver was a smiling man and a good conversationist. The journey to Mongla was not bad. The long route from Khulna to Mongla was a nice one. It is the second seaport of Bangladesh.

After reaching the Mongla Port Authority substation building I contacted the responsible engineer and discussed what could be the possible reason for the problem. Then I started went into the substation and checked all the IED parameter that was set last year. The relay coordination and testing commissioning was done by a third party. So, I do not have anything to do here. All I can do is to check the relay goose messaging setting as they reported the LED is blinking. The setting was changed somehow. I reversed the setting and it is good to go. Then I give a short briefing about the standard operating procedure in front of their operators.

After finishing I took lunch at customer premises. It was a nice meal as always. I always get a nice treat from my customers. I started my journey back to Khulna afterward and reached there in the afternoon. 

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