My New Year Resolution 2020

After a dramatic year, we have just welcomed another new and promising year, 2020. It doesn’t necessarily promise anything yet, but I like to tag anything optimistic as an optimistic and rational human being at the first view. Today I want to write down my upcoming plan of action to change some of my habits and add some skillset under my hood. I love to think of myself as a goal achiever, though it’s hard to convince myself of that.

My number one enemy is my laziness and self-indulgence. I like to watch a worthless Facebook and youtube video, which does not add value to my day to day life. Still, I cannot leave them. So at the start of the new year, I promised myself to leave them away from, not entirely but significantly off-course.

My second aim is to carry on my waking up early morning habit. It’s tough, sure, but worth trying. It enlarges the working hour of the day, keeps refreshing.

Last year I promised myself to learn python, a programming language of the new era. But as always, my laziness killed that promise, and it’s gonna be my other challenge this year to myself.

I recently talked about the programming language and enrolled in a MATLAB course in Coursera, by a lucky survey. I hope I will be able to complete that this quarter.

Enough challenge this year. Phew!

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